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The ASAP Report is a proprietary desktop valuation report designed and offered by Appraisal Solutions and Products, LLC. The report is completed by an experienced appraiser knowledgeable in the subject's market area. The cost of the report is typically less than half the cost of a drive-by appraisal and can be delivered the next day. The report can be used to provide an estimate of value for single-family residences, planned unit developments, condos and 2-4 family properties.

Over the past 5 years, the amount and type of data available to the appraiser has increased tremendously. The appraiser is able to uncover more available information about the subject and comparable sales allowing for a more accurate estimate of value. The appraiser has access to many sources of data such as public records, prior MLS history, satellite photos, Internet advertising, online city and county records and builder data. This access allows for the developing of a reliable and credible report.

The ASAP Report provides general information about the subject property such as: property characteristics, legal description, property type and neighborhood analysis. The appraiser will provide 3-6 comparable sales, pendings and/or listings within a grided format. The appraiser provides adjustments for items such as: GLA, date of sale, bedroom, bath, garage and general amenities like pools and spas.

We can typically provide a reliable ASAP Report on approximately 95% of the property requests. When the appraiser is not able to provide a credible ASAP Report due to lack of available data – custom type properties, ocean views, or items that cannot be valued – there is no charge to the credit union or member. The reasons are detailed and forwarded to the credit union with suggestions on what needs to be done to provide a credible report. Our goal is to make sure that the ASAP Reports completed for the credit union provide a supportable value within the market.

The reports are delivered and managed completely online for no additional costs. You will receive an email notification that we have received the request. When the report is completed, you will receive an email with a link to the report. It's that simple.

ASAP has been providing this report to Credit Unions for over 15 years and we have completed approximately 100,000 reports to date. We have done extensive testing and found that on average, the value arrived at by the ASAP Report is within 3-5% of a drive-by appraisal and significantly more accurate than an AVM. Why spend more time and money on appraisals when you can get the ASAP Report delivered the next day. Why wait...when you can have it ASAP!

For an in-person presentation or to receive a complementary ASAP Report on one of your specific properties, please contact us at 714-532-5950 or by email at reports@reappraisal.com.


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